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Open dialogue and free speech are needed in Canada, now more than ever.

Long-form discussions that are respectful, insightful and thought-provoking.

Although we’ll be discussing topics that may be polarizing and difficult, we always conduct our conversations with respect, curiosity and humility. True understanding is the goal.

The host, Sean Rasmussen, of course, has his own political stance (classical liberalism, if you’re curious), but he gives space for people with different ideas to share safely.

A place to hear about ideas, politics and culture in the Canadian context

Podcasts such as Unherd, Triggernometry, Honestly are fantastic and we have similar aims to theirs. But, they are in the UK and the USA. And, are naturally concerned about how ideas are impacting their countries. Viewpoints has a similar approach, and may speak about similar topics, but will always strive to place them in the Canadian context.

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