The Moral Landscape of the Left: Its Taboos and Sacred Ideas | Dr. Eric Kaufmann

Host Sean Rasmussen speaks with Dr. Eric Kaufmann about his new book, The Third Awokening, which is a deep dive into the politics of the left. Eric’s breadth of knowledge and unique perspective on what drives left-liberalism make this episode a must-listen for anyone who wants to understand the past, present, and future leftist politics in Canada and abroad.

About the Guest

Dr. Eric Kaufmann is professor of politics and Director of the Centre for Heterodox Social Science at the University of Buckingham. He is also Adjunct Fellow at the Manhattan Institute. In addition to his academic work, he has written for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Times of London, Newsweek, National Review, New Statesman, Financial Times, and other outlets. His new book, The Third Awokening , is a deep dive into political polarization and the culture wars.

Eric Kaufmann’s official website:

Topics and time markers

M1Welcoming Eric1:14.939
M2Explain the Third Awokening1:20.942
M3A continuation of what happened in the past, not a deviation1:49.663
M4Left liberalism emerging from early 20th century3:33.714
M5Expressive individualism and anti-tradition3:57.489
M6Mid 60s anti-racism taboo4:41.867
M7Why is society so vulnerable to taboo5:42.589
M8Left liberalism initially sought a fairer deal for catholics and jews against wasps6:57.521
M960s cultural power shifted to blacks7:21.311
M10Cultural power moves from right to left as well8:16.198
M11It wasn’t designed — not a conspiracy8:22.163
M12An emotional regime8:43.539
M13Folk ideology of what is important9:01.663
M14The topography of the moral emotions9:17.051
M15sentiments were weaponized9:27.320
M16Woke is not going away9:38.112
M17Is this a class thing?9:51.412
M18Prestige ideals10:50.675
M19Class isn’t the driver11:26.302
M20Why has white guilt been so enduring?13:04.343
M21myths and symbols > principles13:14.887
M22Why it’s not postmodernism or marxism13:23.388
M23The elephant and the rider13:39.155
M24Look at the stories, movies, etc…14:06.752
M25Plot lines:14:24.577
M26The white saviour figure14:33.711
M27If these are the sacred values, where are the guardrails?15:36.531
M28Is it coming from ‘on high?’16:08.209
M29Emergent and social learning16:45.156
M30Big ideas aren’t the drivers for most woke people17:20.910
M31The Trans innovation18:15.607
M32Research into academic writing18:39.514
M33Sacred meaning of movements19:12.245
M34Majorities bad, minorities good20:13.399
M35Self-hating majorities20:41.735
M36How can democracy work if you neglect the majority23:00.987
M37Elites have a lot of leeway to do what they want23:39.490
M38Canada – 2/3 against woke24:03.363
M39Opening for populists24:52.245
M40The data on younger people’s attitudes25:28.646
M41Jk Rowling25:45.266
M42Demographics in academia 26:14.318
M43Much less tolerant young population in general26:36.637
M44Why intolerance might get worse in coming years….26:52.141
M45Will increase polarization going forward27:26.602
M46Gender differences in woke27:35.237
M47Gender gap in political correctness28:29.398
M48The ideology gap28:45.564
M50Would you date a trump supporter29:52.541
M51Political discrimination in hiring31:07.310
M52The acceptable prejudice31:24.911
M53Political prejudice in academia31:51.204
M54Go woke – get laid33:16.725
M55Peer pressure33:51.521
M56Preference falsification34:36.787
M57McCarthy periods less self-censorship34:48.314
M59Definition of woke35:32.862
M60Annoys classical liberals36:14.110
M61Deculturation really annoys conservatives37:54.363
M62The left is fragmented on deculturation38:51.292
M63The political salience of deculturation39:14.296
M64The gap between elites and the population39:32.254
M65Culture war still doesn’t have much pickup in Canada40:24.976
M66The elite has a lot of room to “innovate” without being held to account40:50.964
M67DEI and other euphemisms41:14.770
M68Conservative politicians need to learn how to raise these issues41:53.444
M69The importance of images42:08.776
M70Scotland’s gender recognition act42:22.909
M71Canada has a huge gap between elites and the rest43:23.750
M72Canada has an unbalanced media43:37.182
M73Mass graves hoax44:09.360
M75Elite level conformity45:33.152
M76The Hub quote46:03.473
M77Left liberal extremism in Canada46:14.902
M78Canada’s Multicultural liberal identity47:05.751
M79Ignorance of pre60s past in Canada47:22.414
M80Canada’s political left identity47:51.455
M81On culture, there is no check 48:10.203
M82Be nice48:49.213
M83Downstream effects of woke49:11.956
M84Immigration – can’t morally justify restrictions49:29.015
M85Educational standards49:54.709
M86The inability of left-liberalism to control its cultural extremism51:10.554
M87Criminalizing speech52:01.845
M88Bill C6352:30.090
M90Yascha Mounk53:12.215
M91We need govt intervention53:54.288
M92Moral north star of centre left54:32.496
M93DEI statements54:57.848
M94Emotional attachments55:50.071
M95The only mechanisms that will work to reform the left55:58.898
M96Embarrassing the left in the press56:14.778
M97Why k-12 education is so important58:47.019
M98Chanel Pfahl59:15.078
M99Republican pressure groups59:58.448
M100Atomized mainstream population1:00:30.737
M101Politics is much more important as a source of meaning on the left1:01:32.677
M102The right needs to organize1:02:53.344
M103The Federalist society1:03:15.236
M104Get your appointees in1:04:01.048
M105It’s not ideal to politicize, but it is needed1:04:12.345
M106Cuts and school choice won’t many any difference1:05:06.230
M107Katharine Birbalsingh – The strictest headmistress1:05:49.312
M108The cultural left is more interested in symbolism that solving problems1:06:15.445
M109Narratives are resistant to facts1:09:42.606
M110Where can people go to find out more….1:11:26.282

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