So you’re coming on the show… Welcome! We appreciate you and your time and want to make sure the experience is enjoyable and that the results will help you shine.

A typical engagement

  • Interviews are published as AUDIO ONLY, so you don’t have to worry about wardrobe or lighting.
  • Pre-interview call/zoom or email exchange ahead of the interview to map out what we might want to talk about.
  • (optional) You can receive a list of questions ahead of time. Some guest prefer to respond naturally, it’s all personal preference.
  • The day before the interview, you’ll receive a Riverside guest link that you can use to connect (if it is a remote interview). If you’re in the Greater Toronto Area interviews can also be scheduled to be in-person.
  • Interviews typically run about an hour. Let us know ahead of time if you have a hard stop time.
  • We edit the episodes, so if there is anything you want to say again, or remove from the show, just say so at the time and we can fix it in post.
  • Post production and scheduling takes a while so your episode will not air for a few weeks or more.
  • We’ll ask that you send a short 1 paragraph bio and photo of yourself that we can use for promotions
  • When the show goes live, we’ll reach out and send you links and tips on how to share with your networks.

Getting the best sound on recording day

  • Use headphones
  • Use an external microphone, if you have one.
  • Use the Chrome browser
  • Turn off phone sound and be in a quiet environment

Using Riverside (which is similar to Zoom)

Riverside is like zoom but records at a higher quality — so you’ll sound better and smarter. Here’s a video talking about how to get set up in Riverside. It makes it look more complicated than it is, but the main things are: you need Chrome, use headphones, and be sure to select the correct microphone when you go to the link.